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About Me

Karen Mountain - Your Reverse Mortgage Advisor

I know what a life changing experience getting a reverse mortgage can be…for the better.

As a mortgage veteran with 23+ years’ experience, based in beautiful Sonoma County, I do loans all over California. I enjoy my work because I love to see my clients happy with the financial improvements I can help them make.  (And my clients tell me they enjoy working with me, too.)

Working together with you, I will

  1. Meet with you, and if you ‘d like we can include your spouse, your children, and even your financial planner so that everyone understands the pros, the cons, and the process.

  2. advise you on the many benefits of getting a reverse mortgage

  3. explain the myths and pitfalls

This year I have moved to a smaller boutique mortgage broker, UMAX Mortgage, a reputable company with high ethical standards that match my own. I made the move from a larger mortgage bank to have the ability to get the very best reverse mortgages offered from several of the best lenders. You can be assured that your needs and concerns are being met, and that you will get the best program for your individual situation.

In my spare time, I can be found riding my big dressage horse, Beltane, or out pruning my rosebushes. Traveling when I can. And always thinking of how to help you live a better retirement.